Article – Craiova for European Capital of Culture 2021, Romafest


Romafest Craiova 2015, 8th of April

The time was 18:00 and I found myself in the Colibri theater waiting for the show to start, the show that would celebrate the International Romani Day.
It would be a show full of artists like Monica Anghel, the dance group Freaks and much more.

It started and it was truly good, the tempo was up and not a dull moment in sight. For me, as a Swede not really fluent in Romanian, to put it mildly, the comedy act from Jeni Nicolau was hard to follow, but the audience laughed so it must have been good. That also made me do a mental note to get going and finally learn Romanian.

As the comedy act started, I remembered a curious app I had seen from CERN. It seems they had run some experiment with the Large Hadron Collider, trying to prove the existence of extra dimensions and they had succeeded. For fun, someone at Cern had made an application that would use quantum entanglements and extra dimensions to predict the future.

Playing with app

Playing with app

As I sat in the audience, I thought it would be fun to try that app out on Craiova. The city was attempting to become European Capital of Culture 2021 (Craiova Capitala Culturala Europeana 2021), and maybe this app could give some clues what would happen if they won or did not win.

I started the app called Futurcern. It requested me to put in some variables, like what city it was, who was taking part and so on. I entered the city, Craiova, the Culture House “Traian Demetrescu” and many more details like “capitala culturala europeana” and “Craiova culturala” and then I hit the “Calculate” button.

The app processed my data, taking longer than I expected, but after a few minutes it was done. The results started scrolling down the screen.

Outcome if Craiova becomes European Capital of Culture 2021.

  1. Culture increase in Europe +60 %.

  2. General happiness increase in Europe +20 %.

  3. Crime -22.5 %

  4. Hope for the future +38.5 %

  5. Reason that Craiova won, Romafest Craiova + 5 %.

  6. Importance of the Culture House “Traian Demetrescu”, 82.5 %.

Wow, this app really gave some interesting results and the people at the Culture House “Traian Demetrescu” seem to be some kind of cultural superheroes.
The app paused a bit and then started scrolling again.

Outcome if Craiova does not become European Capital of Culture 2021.

  1. Culture increase in Europe 0 %.

  2. General happiness increase in Europe -20 %.

  3. Crime +15 %

  4. Hope for the future -10 %

  5. Reason that Craiova did not win, Romafest Craiova never took place

  6. The Culture House “Traian Demetrescu” did not exist.

Now this does not look to promising I must say, so bright if Craiova wins, and so bleak if it doesn’t.

Looking up at the show again I paid extra attention. I had no clue how important it was that Craiova won. Paying attention to the singing, dancing and everything else with a small smile on my face. I gave myself a silent promise that I would take part in every cultural event I could, get as much culture in me as possibly. I needed a cultural overdose and to get one right now Craiova was the place to be.
The show ended and I felt good, so good in fact I had a big smile on my face. I had seen something good and that made me feel good and maybe, just maybe, that feeling would be contagious, at least I hoped so.

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