Down the rabbit hole


Much like Alice in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Europe seems to have jumped down the rabbit hole, maybe from boredom but more likely from a feeling of economic strain that is still sweeping over continent.

We have a pending Greek exit in one corner, in other corners the growth of the parties with only one agenda, the one point to solve everything, the immigrants. From the Swedish Democrats in north to the Golden Dawn in the south. Just outside this wonderland we have another children’s story character peeking in, the big bad wolf, watching from the east, trying to blow, blow the house down.

Now its not like I can come up with a solutions for all these things, but I can perhaps give a suggestion, to relive some of these effects. The problem is really easy to see, money. When people have less to spend, when unemployment goes up, the finger pointing will always start. Some people will see the possibilities they lack, others will see the past in that soft glow of yesteryears where nothing was wrong and all was right. Always it ends up with the “find the one to blame” game, and that game almost always ends up with some group. Directly we forget the simple fact that groups are made up of individuals and we bunch them together, sometime from region, sometime just from some arbitrary name like migrants or beggars. We also forget that pointing fingers can very easily be turned around, and suddenly the finger-pointing-person is the one being pointed at.

So what would be my suggestion? I can not only complain and have no suggestion, then I am only the white rabbit going around saying “Oh dear! Oh dear!”.

As I see it the deregulation of the financial market is what brought us to this economic crisis, the crisis that was only surpassed by the financial crash of 1929. After 1929 we got more regulation and it stayed like that into the late 80s or early 90s. Then it was decided to deregulate again, trading in derivatives and encouraging risk taking, and that can only work so long before it comes all tumbling down. Now a regulated finance market will not remove all recessions, as then we would have been spared them all between 1929-1990 and we weren’t, but at least it would take away the really bad ones, and saving in the process a hell of lot of money that otherwise must be used to bail out banks or countries.

Now there are of course other problems that a regulated financial market could not avoid. The problems with Greece would still exist, however not so bad and not that fast. The problem with the so called Greek exit is different countries, with different possibilities under the same economic umbrella, and put in a bit of fiddling with the numbers, and Greek exit here we come. This is the problem with a single currency, it can work, but for it to do so these kind of problems will have to be solved or the single currency can/will become a swinging door.

We should neither forget that we have the big bad wolf that would love to blow our houses down, or as the saying goes “united we stand, divided we fall”, if we now should stand, which we should, all of us. If he finds a crack you can be sure he will be there to widen it, he does not like stable houses.

So my suggestion would be a much tighter financial regulation. I am not saying we should not have a free market, just a market that works for all the people, and not just for the people at the top of the pyramid. No, this is not communism, but lets call it a social-capitalistic system that can take us to the end goal, whatever that end goal is. Of course the end goal could be that the 85 richest people have as much wealth as the 3,5 billion poorest people, and then we are already there, and we should not complain. But if we do, like me, then roping in the financial market is a good way to start, not the end, but at least we would be at the start line.

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A writing challenge



In a way to home in my English writing skills I have decided to do a challenge. What is the challenge, well anyone with a blog, or similar, that would like a piece written by me (in English) can have one. It can be any topic you wish, and you have to choose the topic. I will write a 500-1000 word article on whatever subject you choose. When you have it you can publish it on your site or not publish it, it will be all your article. You can also take on the challenge and write a piece for my blog, but with the same rule, that I will choose the topic. I will however publish any article/story written for my blog, as long as it follows common sense. The only restriction I really have is that all articles will be in English, that is it

So long I have written some pieces so far and the will be listed below. Please do check them out, not for my work but because they are interesting blogs. Thank you to all who took part so far and in the future.

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For Happy Scrappy I wrote a article about how to succeed in Mixed Media and Scrapbooking called
Take a journey with Scrapbooking and Mixed Media, Success is what you want it to be”

For Food for Two I wrote an article about Swedish dishes that might seem strange called “Swedish dishes from a Swede in Romania”.

For Xaara Novack a short story were the main character is a fly, called “Interview with an angry fly”

For Damian I wrote and article about how it is for a Swede to live in Craiova, the good and the bad, called “I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m a Swede in Craiova”

Miss I gave me the topic “Can a dress be your soul mate?” and that was a though nut to crack. I called it just “The dress”.

For Daniel i wrote an article about Swedish/Romanian food/wine/beer and i called it “In vino veritas, and then some food if you must”

Bucharest jazz with some blues


Dear reader, here we are again for our usual meeting. I have my cup of strong coffee, a cigarette resting in its ashtray, making soft plumbs of smoke reaching for the ceiling. You in front of your computer or mobile phone, with a soothing drink to match I would hope.

Lets talk about people and meetings, an interesting topic I would think. Maybe not the most interesting topic but for sure among the top 10, now it could also be among the top 100, I suppose that depends on the reader, so lets just call it a moderately interesting topic and leave it at that.
As per usual I digress somewhat so lets get back on track and talk about meetings.

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to a wedding and also spend some extra days in Bucharest, and from this sentence you might realize I am not from Bucharest, and if you do you are correct. Now I was looking forward to this, it had the possibility to become a great weekend. Now for any great weekend something has to go wrong and in my case it was a cold that crept up on me during a live debate I held.. Energy levels slumped, cough started to come and I just felt beaten down. However I do believe that for something to be perfect, it also has to be imperfect. So I just crashed into bed for two days and after that I could at least stand up long enough to be able to take the train.

Arriving at the station in Bucharest I had started to feel better, so if not with energetic legs I at least went with some kind of spring to my step. We headed to Herastrau Park, and by we I mean my wife and me. “Why there” would be a good question and the answer would simply be to check out some spectacles the Swedish Embassy was holding during this weekend. Now we were a bit late so when we came there was nothing much happening. We took some pictures and started thinking about where to have lunch when we met a girl asking if we wouldm’t mind filming her for a project she was doing.. A chance meeting that got interesting as she told why she was there. Her father had died in a auto-immune disease and she was trying to bring awareness about it. It was a very interesting talk, not a nice topic but an important one and hopefully I will get back to this in a later article.

Now these small tasks had really emptied the energy reserves I had managed to accumulate, so after 6

What a view

What a view

hours or so we headed back to the hotel, as the next day we had a wedding to attend. Now I will not describe that in any great detail except to say it was perfect. Small and intimate, with that feeling some people have to give you familiarity in a split second, even if you never met them before. Really if I would remarry my wife I would do it just this way.

Here I also had a chance to talk with the photographer. I got curious when I saw she had a contraption above the flash, looking like a prop from a sci-fi film from the 50s. So I just had to ask her what that was and of course she had a simple answer, and no I am not going to tell you what that answer was, you will have to ask her yourself if you ever meet her. We had another chat later about photography and she showed me some of her work, and she is really quite good, and quite good in my vocabulary is really good. A nice flow between light and shadow, playing with foreground and background but always with a steady and firm hand regarding the composition.

Her name is Stefania Cristina Irescu and you can check out her facebook page here, you will enjoy it i promise!

Then the wedding ended, such a good event I would have stayed longer if only my cold would have let me do so. But alas again my energy levels were down the drain. Getting a lift to the hotel from the smiling Viorica and for that I am truly grateful, as I felt half dead at the time, so a big thanks to her. Maybe she did it because I in a moment of weakness promised to write a children story for her son (which I have already written)? But no, that was not it, she is just a really nice person, and that always lifts ones confidence in mankind, or womenkind as it were .Tired but content, I fell into bed and felt generally good, that is until some dropping water started to drive me and my wife crazy, but that is another story. The next day, I managed to have a impromptu phone interview for a job and I probably did not excel at that, but such is life.

So why did this weekend turn out so good, well it was not for the cold that is for sure. It now feels like a person who is a bit to imposing. Well ,you can never have to many friends they say, so I suppose having a cold as a friend is not half bad. What made the weekend so good was the people I met and those meetings made the weekend. Truly some people have the gift of making everyone feel welcome and that gift the wedding couple had and have. Me I am more like a grumpy old man, but that does not mean I can not applaud their gift. Other meetings took place and they all brought their own levels of interest.

Which confirms my belief that actually it does not matter where you go, how fancy the place is or how spartan it is for that matter, if the people are interesting all else fades into the background and becomes unimportant.

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Article, creating creativity


Craiovas Casa de Cultură “Traian Demetrescu” is arranging a scrapbooking extravagance tomorrow, the 4th of June 2015 to be exact. It will be an event of mayhem and creativity, where paper will fly, glue will be abused and creations will come to life, beautiful ones judging by the past. Pricez will be given on the 11th of June after a jury have painstakingly gone through the creations. The goal is to describe Craiova in Scrapbooking and will be on permanent display at the culture house after that. This is the first, the only such task attempted in Romania and I will be there.

Through the grapevine I have heard that you should bring a photo of Craiova to be part of the creation, and that makes sense.
Scratching my balding head I was thinking what I could do to get some extra creativity going on, getting down with the groove so to speak. Then I remembered that I forgot my coffee on the stove…

-10 minutes pass-

So back, with coffee in my hand and all ready to go, what was I saying by the way?
Ah yes the photo I should bring, I remembered that I pretty recently made a small sketch/painting from a photo taken 1913 in the old center of this wonderful city. So that I will bring to this most excellent event, held by the truly gifted Veronica Svanström and hosted by the generous Casa de Cultură “Traian Demetrescu”.

Now you might think I write this to win one of those prices, but this is not the case. It is actually so that if I would win a price I would boycott the culture house much like the western world boycotted South Africa under apartheid. So don’t you dare give me a price, as those ones should go to the deserving and not to the lacking and I alas fall in the second category.

Now this article needs to end, but before that check out the following pages, promise you will not regret it.

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Now I sit upon needles waiting for tomorrow to come, to come, to…..