The discovery

In the dark abyss the tentacles of human civilization had started to reach out. Voyager, the space probe from the 70s raced on its endless journey to its unknown destination. Signals from TV, radio travelled before it, from the Marconi SOS to the latest reality show, spreading out in every direction from a single point, from the 3rd planet from the stare we call The Sun.

Closer at hand, the spacecraft Dawn had just reached the protoplanet Ceres, catching some bright spots on its surface, brighter than could easily be explained by ice or something similar.

What few knew was that this probe had a specific purpose except just to orbit this small celestial body, and that reason we have to move back to the beginning of the 20th century.

When the first radio transmissions were made a strange, but clear signal could be picked up, in regular intervals when the antenna were slight directed up into the dark night sky. It was no transmission people could make any sense of, no Morse code that was for sure. It was noted in scientific papers and then forgotten for a long while.

1977, in Ohio a Seti telescope picked up what is know as “the wow” signal, a narrowband signal that the papers said were coming from Chi Sagittarii, it was far closer than that.

What people had realised rather early on was that this signal actually originated from the asteroid belt, and the protoplanet Ceres. The signal seemed to be of alien origin, and 2007 the spacecraft Dawn was launched for the purpose of doing an investigation.

This is the story, what happened and what consequences that had.

To be followed…………….