1.2.3 Lets head down to 12 Doispe

Ginny goes to 12 Doispe

So here we are in Craiova and summer is in full force. Now summer in Romania, or at least in Craiova, is hot, it is damn hot. Another thing that is hot is the restaurant 12 Doispe, my latest home away from home where I have burrowed myself in like a tick.

The restaurant has a industrial décor with a good mix of normal tables, a few coffee-tables and some high bar tables, in other words a good selection to choose from. They have a rich menu and on Sundays they give a Swedish Buffet, all you can eat for 20 lei (2015). I have not tried too many of their dishes but the ones I have tried are excellent. The Swedish buffet is awesome and they have a pie with vanilla custard that goes down in a flash.

Ginny goes to 12 Doispe

Ginny goes to 12 Doispe

However it is not only the food or the drinks that make this a really good place, but the vibs in the space. You know, that kind of local you just feel relaxed and good in from the start.

Probably it is a combination of the owner Teddi in the way he made the restaurant, the music they play, if you hear Pink Floyd you can’t help but to like the place, and the ambient atmosphere. You can see Anca, Liliana and Roxana getting orders, severing and clearing up like in a blur. They must have some kind of superpower and they are pretty also, what, hey I am man, just saying… Again I seem to get off topic so lets get back on track. They are really good at their job and they make everyone feel welcome as does the owner if you meet him!

I have a kind of litmus test for every bar or restaurant I go to, if I feel good drawing there then it is a good place for me, and 12 Doispe fits the bill, like putting your hand in that perfect glove, or some other metaphor in the same style, the pen just starts flying.
I should probably apologise for all the drawings I kept handing out, they can safely be stored in that permanent archive called a trash bin, I don’t mind, honestly.

12 Doispe is a place with some really good food, a nice industrial feeling without going overboard on that theme, making the local into something interesting. They have nice people working there and the owner Teddy is a really cool guy, plus the music, big plus there.

So if you have a chance give this place a try and have a beer or two. I always go for a Heineken draught but that is just me, they have a lot of other drinks and food to enjoy.
If you see a tall guy scribbling in a notepad, just say hello as that will most probably be me.

So 1.2.3 lets head down to 12 Doispe!

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Here you have their Facebook page 12 Doispe
Address: str.A.I.CUZA, Craiova
Hours: 07:00-01:00, Monday to Sunday