To turn the very first page. A book review, of sorts, of the novel “The Storm” by Thomas Sand

The Storm

You know the feeling when you have a new book in front of you, unopened, waiting for you to flip that very first page and start the adventure. That adventure only the author can give you, guide you via the text, and you and your imagination have to do the rest, you know that feeling, don’t you.

The Storm

That is the précis feeling I had when I flipped up the preview of Thomas Sands new book, The Storm, and by new I mean in English, as it is written in Finnish and have been out for quite some time.

Now I only have a preview of the book as it is currently being translated, but I find that I either like a book, or don’t like it, after a couple of pages, say 3-5000 words or so. I just get the feeling if the language attracts me, the story captures me and so on in that amount of words. Now I know that is not fair, some books take their time to drag you into the story, but life is not always fair, unfortunately.

Well enough with this, on to the book. Now what is it about, well I have only read the preview, so what the whole book is about I could not tell you (even if the author graciously offered me a extended preview) as I have only read about 7000 words of it.

But imagine this, you are on a ship, a storm ridden ship where the stars are misaligned, a captain uttering a strange phrase and then dying, leaving a single word on a piece of paper, a strange shore appear and the radio is not working.

This is the beginning of the story and I say no more, you just have to read it yourself.

It is a well written book, the characters are slowly coming to life, without the author feeling the need to cramp into your brain who they are. I get the feeling that Thomas Sand himself got to know the characters as he wrote. I might be wrong, but however he did it works. The plot has a nice steady pace, working itself up and sparking my curiosity. He takes his time here also, and don’t get me wrong, it is by no means a slow pace, rather it is appropriate pace for the story.

Wanting to find out what is about to happen and the preview ending way to quickly, I for a second pondered if I should ask for that extended preview. But with a shake of my head I decided no. When I read it I want to be able to read it all, it would just be to annoying to have to stop again.

Finally the translation. From what I am reading I can not see it is a translation. The language has a good flow, no hints of an original language hiding in the corners, it is in other words a very good translation. Sometimes you can spot a bad translation right away, those awkward attempts to build a sentence upon another language that make your eyes spin as you try to navigate through them, you have probably seen them yourself. Here I found nothing of the kind, a smooth river of words, sentences and paragraphs flowing to your eyes, making their way into your brain, and there helping your imagination to do its thing. In short, it is good.

I truly enjoyed this book, or the start of it anyway. A captivating story that felt believable within the confines of the plot. Characters that made you want to learn more about them and a pace that is suited for the story.

So I would recommend reading this book when it is out, unless you know Finnish and then you can read it right now. I am not sure when it will be available, but I promise I will keep you informed, one way or another.

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today, many years ago, Auschwitz , that most horrible end product of the human mind, was liberated, and the year was 1945.
This day is set aside to remember all those victims, all those who lost their future, the laughter that faded away into the dark and the lives, with all the promises they held, swept away on a broom of ignorance, intolerance and unbelievable cruelty.
If one should cry than this is the day to do it, as it shows what animals we can become with the slightest nudge, we just topple out of the light and into that darkness, that all too easy want to grab hold of us.
I think this day, this year, we should think especially hard about what happened back then, for the most stupid of reasons, ignorance, fear and hunger for power.
All those who died, were killed, could only be murdered because the flock mentality dictated that it was somehow OK, they are not like us, they have themselves to blame or worst we can not afford them.
So remember them, and remember them who is now fleeing for their lives, so you are not only crying for a memory slowly fading away, but also for the crystal clear reality we see today.


A creation called “Open” by Veronica

Every creation need a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning is the foundation, the vision you want to transform to the canvas or to the paper. Sometimes that foundation is based on a failure. Something you did, but the mental image you had never appeared on the canvass, not as you thought it would anyway.
That can be a very good foundation for the next piece, the creation that will obscure the previous one, but never hide it completely.



This creation of Veronica has just such a foundation. It is a multi dimensional image that hides her previous work, but it does not erase it. Giving it the patina that other creations lack, that went from idea to completion without this crucial step. Behind it you can, if you lean in closely, see the old work talking to you, making friends with its new companion, the new work of art.



It is a creation that has a hint, a scent of steam punk mixed with some industrial elements, blending into an amalgamation of difference styles, creating not really something new, rather a new take on something familiar.
A playful game of colours, items and paint makes this work called “Open” fit its name with uncanny

The great thing with this work is that it will never die, not really. It will live on forever as a piece of art, as a memory and even when it will succumb to time, as we all must, it will fule another living being, a nurishment for a tree, growing, and opening, just as this work of art, right now, is opening for you.


Written by JMS

A quadrilogy

This gallery contains 4 photos.

In my never ending search for a creative outlet, to find new techniques or just try and fail, I have created my first quadrilogy. More by chance than anything else the four works came to being, being born from a combination of paper, the leftover graphite from when I sharpen my pen and a curiosity […]