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In a way to home in my English writing skills I have decided to do a challenge. What is the challenge, well anyone with a blog, or similar, that would like a piece written by me (in English) can have one. It can be any topic you wish, and you have to choose the topic. I will write a 500-1000 word article on whatever subject you choose. When you have it you can publish it on your site or not publish it, it will be all your article. You can also take on the challenge and write a piece for my blog, but with the same rule, that I will choose the topic. I will however publish any article/story written for my blog, as long as it follows common sense. The only restriction I really have is that all articles will be in English, that is it

So long I have written some pieces so far and the will be listed below. Please do check them out, not for my work but because they are interesting blogs. Thank you to all who took part so far and in the future.

Written by

For Happy Scrappy I wrote a article about how to succeed in Mixed Media and Scrapbooking called
Take a journey with Scrapbooking and Mixed Media, Success is what you want it to be”

For Food for Two I wrote an article about Swedish dishes that might seem strange called “Swedish dishes from a Swede in Romania”.

For Xaara Novack a short story were the main character is a fly, called “Interview with an angry fly”

For Damian I wrote and article about how it is for a Swede to live in Craiova, the good and the bad, called “I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m a Swede in Craiova”

Miss I gave me the topic “Can a dress be your soul mate?” and that was a though nut to crack. I called it just “The dress”.

For Daniel i wrote an article about Swedish/Romanian food/wine/beer and i called it “In vino veritas, and then some food if you must”


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