The New Swans Gazette, issue 11

Issue 11, 2016-07-26

The transmutation of one language into another via Ad Verbum

Dear friends and dear enemies, lets be generous and say dear all to simplify things, had I been a teacher I would probably have started with “Today’s lesson,” but as I am not a teacher, lets find some better way to start this off, shall we.

This article will be about Ad Verbum, the translation company, and my experience working for them as a freelance translator. I am only one person, so you have to take these scribblings for what they are, just one opinion. Other people might have other opinions and they are welcome to them, after all who am I to say what opinions other people should have?
I think I am digressing a bit, so lets get back on track.

I have been working with Ad Verbum for a couple of years now and it has been a good experience.
The managers are quick to answer any emails and they are on the dot with the payments. All in all, a congenial bunch of people.
Now, I have not met them in real life, but from a virtual electronic email point of view, they are a very nice group of people that owes me a lot of beers. Well, in fact they don’t, but you can’t blame a man for trying, I am after all only human, “Technically speaking” some have said, before I got my beer that is.

What they think of me is best left unsaid, the swear words might shut down the Internet, or maybe not, who knows.
Not all is of course rainbows and sunshine with unicorns running around your feet.

The deadlines can sometimes be brutal, and I mean brutal, but you can always try to negotiate an extension. Sometimes you will get it and other times you won’t. If you can not do the job within the time frame or for some other reason, the “Not available” button is there for your pleasure.
On occasion I have to use that button more often than other times, as life or other jobs get in the way, but a quick “This would be my best deadline” usually keeps the managers happy.

So in short, there are no unicorns working at Ad Verbum, as far as I know, but they do run a tight ship with some very nice people.
They reply quickly, faster than Lucky Luke some say, and they always pay your invoice on time and that is not all that common with other translation agencies. So, an applaud from me and I take a bow, of course.
Sometimes they make mistakes, like we all do, but they fix them and mistakes do not happen all that often, rather seldom I would say.

If I would be looking for an agency as a freelance translator I would put them high on the list.
I would probably also use them if I needed something translated. Knowing the chain, translation-proofreading-quality control, makes the finish product more polished than it otherwise would have been.

This is all I had to say, well I had much more to say, but like all good things it has to come to and end at some point, sooner say some, later says I.