The New Swans Gazette, issue 5

Issue 2, 2016-02-27

News from Sweden
Film review


1986 Sweden lost a bit of its nativity as Olof Palme was gunned down on a street in Stockholm. We had many crimes in Sweden before that, for example the occupation of the West German Embassy in 1975, by the terrorist group the “Red Army Faction”, but this murder was and still is a water shed moment in our history.

It started the countries journey from the social solidarity, that had been the norm, to focus more on the individual and those that are working.
The country went from focusing to help the ones that needed help, to help those that have a job. Now this is maybe a bit hard, but in this writers opinion it is the direction the country is going towards.

Palme was the last of the true socialist. Born in a family with a nobility name, considered a class traitor when he was a live, he still followed his hearth. Not everything was great, taxes was high, maybe the highest in the world, but on the other side you got a great safety net for that money. Now, decades since he passed out of history, taxes has been cut, a lot, and people are asking why there is no money for the public institutions, and at the same time they fight to keep their tax cuts.

We went from solidarity with the ones that have a hard time to, greed is good, now is that no a said thing.




Carpet beating blues
If you want to beat someone up,
try a carpet, they need it you know,
get that dust out of their system
and you get out some aggressions, perhaps?
I know it is a most miserable task,
to go BDSM on a carpet, 50 shades of dust as it were,
but no enjoyment for anyone, except the carpet,
being tied up and all, as they are.


News from Sweden

The murder of a prime minister

1986, the 28th of February, at 23:21 Olof Palme, the prime minister of Sweden at the time, was shot and killed after having seen the film Bröderna Mozart. He had declined bodyguard protection for the rest of the evening, as he had not planned to go out any more, which is why it was only him and his wife when the murder was committed.

The biggest murder investigation in Swedish history was instigated and the first lead they got was the murder weapon, a Smith & Wesson .357, based on the ammunition used. After that a lot of theories surfaced who could have committed the murders, from CIA to the Kurds. A reward of 50 million SEK was issued for anyone who could name the killer, the reward is still unclaimed.

1988 Christer Pettersson, a criminal and alcoholic, was arrested and convicted for the murder. Later he was acquitted in a higher court.

Olof Palme was, especially at the time of the murder, hated in some right wing circles in Sweden. He had been going after super powers like USAs involvement in Vietnam. Regarding the bombing of Hanoi he made a speech comparing it with other places where people were hurt and tormented like the genocide committed by the Germans in Babi Yar 1941.

He also took a firm stance against apartheid in South Africa.

Many theories have surface to the motive for the murder, and many of those theories have a connection with foreign powers. Others are regarding some right wing elements of the police that was unhappy with his politics.

The murder will most likely never be solved and is a water shed moment in Sweden, a naivity lost.

Short news

  • 2015, during a naval exercise, in Sweden, an unknown submarine was spotted. Classed as a 2, the second highest grade for detecting foreign naval vessels in Swedish waters.
  • The Swedish Democrats (SD) want to have the possibility to nullify citizenship for foreign born citizens.
  • An infant was left on the steps on the steps of a immigration office in Norrköping.
  • Paolo Macchiarinis, the surgeon under investigation for his synthetic trachea operations, are now being investigated in Russia for his operations there.
  • A 31 year old man has been arrested for suspected war crimes in Syria.


Film review

Frost – Nixon – The Original Watergate Interviews

This is a documentary, a number of interviews with the former president Nixon preformed by David Frost. The interviews took place three years after he had rather resined then face impeachment. For you who don’t know the story behind this, it is like this. Some people did a break in of the democrats office in the Watergate hotel (Nixon was a republican). They got caught and that is the begging to unravelling, covers ups, phone bugging of the democrats. So that might have been it, until it turned out that people around Nixon started to give money to the persons arrested for them to keep their mouth shut.

The interviews were in total 28 hours but compressed for this film into 85 minutes. There is another DVD release with 2 discs that has about 380 minutes long, but that one I have not seen.

I think this is a fascinating memory of events that are not that far back in time. Frost really puts Nixon on the spot a couple of times and in general it is an interesting film to watch.

If you don’t like documentaries this is probably something best skipped over, but if you, like me like to know what has happened I recommend it.

As it is a kind of unique document I give it a 5 out 5 just because of that, and of course that David Frost did his job well.