The New Swans Gazette, issue 9

Issue 9, 2016-07-04

This will be the first installment of my attempt to write a crime story in poetry format. I hope you will enjoy it.

The decapitated man

Inspector Karphen, with hanging eyelids, a drowsy look on his face
watching the staff moving this person of late
now lacking one important fact, his head had gone missing
“Probably fatal,” he thought and wrote it down as a fact.

“Doctor what can you tell me? “ expecting not that much
the doctor did not let him down, not as such
“He lost his head, pretty important I would say,
for you not a problem, fatal for him,” the coroner exclaimed!

“Yes, yes, but what was the blade that decapitated this mans head?”
“You will have to wait and see, post-postmortem will tell us more,”
said the doctors in his usual grumpy way, leaving inspector Karphen
non-the-wiser, as they say.

He looked over the grounds, nothing strange except a bead
single and white, looking placed in the grass
with a single swoop he put it in a zip bag for forensic tests
might be important if the inspector had to guess.

To be continued